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Weather Cancellation Information

Every weather event presents a new and different challenge regarding whether to delay or cancel classes. Please know that our number one priority is the safety of our students, teachers, and staff. Any decision we make is done with that in mind.

Here is the process we use for making a weather call. I begin to watch the weather forecasts on a regular basis. When a storm is developing, I will use the local television station forecasts, the Weather Channel, and the National Weather Bureau for information. When a storm is approaching, I will consult internally with Derek Hamilton, North Scott Transportation Manager. I also consult externally with the Bettendorf, Pleasant Valley, and Davenport school districts, Scott County Road Department, National Weather Service, and other North Scott community departments. The Iowa DOT provides access to information through its website. I try to gather as much information as possible to ensure our buses, parents, and student drivers can get to and from school safely. 

When a storm comes in overnight, we begin the decision process very early in the day. We take into consideration the amount of snow that has fallen, current road conditions, and the forecast. Because the North Scott district is so spread out, we know that conditions may vary across the district. Our goal is to make a decision between 4:30-5 a.m. The reason we want to make the decision that early is because we have a number of students and staff who head to school around that time.

Personally, I am not a big fan of late starts. I know that late starts and early releases put a lot of stress on families. A late start that turns into a cancellation can be very difficult for families to find daycare for their young children. We will use a late start when we know the road conditions will be fine with a delay. Early release will be used when conditions deteriorate and we need to get the students home. I expect both of these to be used on rare occasions.

Cold weather can also cause school to be canceled. When a wind chill warning has been issued, school will be canceled. A wind chill warning is when temperatures are sustained 35⁰ or more below zero. A wind chill advisory will not cause a school cancellation or delay. All of the Quad Cities school districts follow these guidelines for cold weather.

Once a decision is made, we will notify all staff and students through the school messenger system. We will also call the local television stations. As much as I would like to think that everyone will agree with every decision I make, I know that is not likely to happen. I always strive to make the best decision possible based on current information. As a parent or guardian, you always have the right to keep your child home for safety reasons.

Joe Stutting, Superintendent